Perseverance as Adventure

This morning Fr. Walter preached on this theme: perseverance as adventure. If divorce from our state in life, once we are bound to it, is unacceptable, then we must face the people God has given us to deal with as they change us and force us to grow. And what will these relationships have in store for us? In what ways will we be different on the other side? This is, I believe, where the element of adventure comes in–not that it is always exciting, but that it is always something risked.

And what about those of us who lack solemn commitments? I do not know that life is any less adventurous if we are committed to the moment and to a deep love of those around us, whoever they may be. Last night at my formation meeting for the Third Order, we spoke of the Dominican understanding of prayer (as it differs from, say, Carmelite and Ignatian) as an opening oneself to a God who is immediately present, even in your very soul. And so, perhaps, for those of us who feel like we’re playing the waiting game, or have some deep source of discontent, it is time to allow ourselves to be joyful in the Lord and to allow ourselves to be found by him. Anxiety is endless and consuming; it never stops feeding upon its prey but instead creates more and more to devour. Renounce it! Instead, fall in love with people again, and fall in love with God again. Let your life be adventurous; take on risk! I think that by admitting the possibility of risk–admitting that I cannot lay out a plan for my life or my relationships–we give God space to work and we let him out of the box to which our minds have confined him.


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